About Us

Helping individuals live better and longer is at the core of all we do.

We have three strategic focuses in the health sector that enable us to be an integral part in improving health outcome and quality of life.

We just happen to have a proactive approach to removing barriers and coordinating care.

It all started with being the call center for several stakeholder in several verticals in the health care field. We soon saw several issues and decided to become part of the solution by asking "why", "why not", "is the best we can do", and "how can we make this better"!

Today we focus exclusively in optimizing health care experiences for all we serve. We are people rich and technologically savvy. Maximizing the humanity of care with real people backed by the latest in AI, VR, AR.

If you to think that healthcare should be one of humanity's most important priorities, then you are in good company with us. Whetther you are the Individual, the Organization, or the Doctor, we have the people, process, and products to ensure coordinated access to affordable and meaningful care, when it matters most.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in the heart of Canada, our global call center employs an impressive team of individuals distributed throughout North America. Our agents are highly skilled and ready to assist you, your office or your loved ones with the vast array of health services or coordination you require.