eHealth Platform (TeleMedicine)

Our system is both a technological platform and a set of dedicated support staff that, together, provides the ability for remote clinical care to individuals, agencies, corporate employees, and medical practices. Doctor appointments can be booked and received through our online and telephone platform.

Video conference and telephone integration can facilitate booking and the action of partaking in doctor appointments; medical professionals and patients are brought together through our platform. The world of health has never been easier to access.

Today, you can speak with a medical professional from almost anywhere in the world as your first line of defence, or a second option.

Services Include:
  • Physically Distanced Cloud Appointments
  • On-site Brick & Mortar Appointments
Fees for Services and Products:
  • There are no fees to access the system, however, individual appointment rates are set by providers.
  • The fee charged to you includes the cost of the appointment, and any product voucher provided to you for products such as medical devices or medications.
  • Products are shipped to you via the company that accepts the product voucher you have been provided.
  • The system is capable of processing payment electronically via Credit Card or direct payment/ACH.
  • On-the-Go Care Primary, Family, and Specialist MD Appointments
  • Safe and Convenient Continuity Of Care With Your Own Provider (ask them to join!)
  • 24/7 eUrgent "non-emergency" care
  • Zero Wait Time
  • Remote health care from anywhere, anytime, and any device
  • Connects you at your time of need to medical professionals
  • Schedule appointments and receive care from your own doctor, or the first available doctor, from the safety of your home, office, or while traveling.
  • Your Records are accessible 24/7 when you can't see you regular doctor, are traveling or in the even of an emergency.
  • Lab Test Results Requisitioned on Demand
  • Prescriptions written and delivered to your home or office
  • Referrals provided for specialists when required
  • Have a question? Ask a health professional!
  • Telemedicine and distance care services since 2005.

Taking Care Of People.

Individuals, families, and employees of health-forward companies benefit from our service.

Book appointments with your provider or on-demand with the rotational doctor.

If you are forward thinking and you want the best opportunities for your staff to live better, longer, join us! Retain your talent at full force! Reduce Absenteeism! Save on health care costs by being proactive, not reactive.

Medical Doctors
Join our network of providers, full-time or part-time. We can work with you no matter where you are - literally - provided you have internet and telephone access. We can migrate your entire practices to a "cloud" environment. Let us know if you are ready to leap "all in". or just part way. We have solutions to help you modernize your practice for free.

  • Earn Money and Work from Anywhere
  • Flexible Hours
  • Streamineline patient care
  • Increase continuity of care. No matter where the patient is located, they can reach you and their records
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Maximize opportunities for proactive care
  • Optimize workflow
  • Focus your time on treating patients
  • Reduce waiting times for your patients
  • Increase patient satisfaction and convenience
  • Remove barriers to care

How: We connect people and providers. Technical - leveraging latest technologies to arrive at the best in class experience. People - we backup all providers with cloud-based clinical support staff.

Our solution connects patients with doctors, via secure video, wherever they are: at home, in office, traveling, under managed care, institutionalized, or at another health care facility. Experience and 'in-office' visit, without actually going to the office.

Triage assessments can be done more rapidly without the need to transport the patient to a care facility.

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