The Individual

Initially designed to provide a virtual assistant for vulnerable consumers who don't yet need, or want, full time care, but require a little help to coordinate their daily tasks so they can stay at their own home a little longer. We help with the tasks that could normally be handled by family members, however, today our families are often not available due to other life commitments or when people live in different physical locations.

Our customers include: those who have been recently discharged from hospital, those living with special needs such as dementia, those choosing to 'stay home' instead of moving to a care facility, and anyone else who could use assistance to help stay at home a little longer. Due to costs and safety concerns, more people are looking for ways to look after their loved ones from the comfort and safety of their own home. Let us be part of your solution when designing a support program for a loved one.

Today, virtually everything can be organized remotely. However, many of our clients do not have the time, the access, or the ability to conduct online purchases or scheduling themselves. For example: booking transportation, making online telemedicine appointments, or going shopping. These tasks often require the use of modern technology that is often out of reach for many of our clients.

Services Virtual Assistants Provide:

  • Arranging recreational activities.
  • Arranging transportation e.g. Taxi, Private Car, Uber etc.
  • Providing Companionship Talks or Chats.
  • Placing orders for items online on behalf of the client.
  • Having items delivered, such as: groceries, clothing, and personal care items.
  • Making regular Health & Wellness Check-Ins.
  • Scheduling appointments and prescription refills.
  • Being an Emergency contact with 24/7 access to your important health details.


Fees are tailor-made for the services required, based on time used plus any actual reimbursements for each individual.


All contracts are month-to-month and include a limited power of attorney to act on your behalf as your agent. This is particularly critical when organizing health-related services where other Protected Health Information (PHI) or other sensitive information would not be reliably shared.

If you are interested in obtaining our service for individuals who are part of your group or agency please contact us so that we can review your situation, determine the best course of action, and provide a proposal tailored to your unique needs.