Our director and managements extensive call center experience dates back to 2005. As of 2020 we are exclusively focused on health under our branded programs on the ACS 247 Ltd E-Health Platform. We have served a wide variety of industries including: Automotive, Debt Consolidation, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical. As of 2020 we are exclusively focused on health under the ACS 247 Ltd brand.

Our knowledge and experience has us proudly serving the health sector under three primary categories: The Individual, Your Organization, and our eHealth "Telemedicine" Platform.

The Individual

PrimoCare is a virtual care coordinator who helps those who need assistance in their daily lives. We tailor plans directly for individuals, in cooperation with their agency, or as part of a company's benefit program.

We make it easier to stay healthy, be safe, and receive necessary care by evaluating each person's needs to provide the appropriate level of attention and oversight. Getting appropriate care when it is needed, and coordinating among many stakeholders, can be painstakingly complex; even more so during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Your Organization

MediLine is an offsite virtual staffing solution designed to support organizations by providing continuity of service throughout their daily operation.

Our cloud based clinical, tech, and office support staff work with doctors, clinics, veterinarians, laboratories, foundations, pharmaceutical companies, and other health care entities to meet their day-to-day operational requirements.

Programs can be tailored on a relief basis (e.g. vacations), on-demand (e.g. sick days), emergency interruption, or ongoing operational support.

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eHealth Platform (TeleMedicine)

Intus is a technological platform and a set of dedicated support staff that, together, provide the ability for remote clinical care to individuals, agencies, corporate employees, and medical practices.

Video conference and telephone integration can facilitate booking and attending doctor appointments; medical professionals and patients are brought together through our platform. The world of health has never been easier to access.

Today, you can speak with a medical professional from almost anywhere in the world as your first line of defence, or a second option.

Virtual Personal Training (VPT)

With more than 25 years of certified trraining and nutritional experience, our VPT can guide and assist you towards the realization of your fitness goals.

Ask us about individual or group customized sessions. We have a network of hand-selected professionals to set you up with!

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